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60 years have passed since the spring of 1956 year when we inaugurated the first beauty salon with the sign "Luisa and Flavia" and still we work with the same enthusiasm of that time. My grandfather was the only barber of Positano and along with my uncles and cousins, which then emigrated to the USA, we have a passion for "the art of hair." We had, over the years, a varied clientele from all over the world as well as celebrities such as Zeffirelli, Sharon Stone, Giada de Laurentiis, Peter Welles, Roberto Bolle, Carla Fracci, Paola of Liege. Patrizia, which today continues the activity, she attended the best schools in the world as "hair stylist". She started with Tony and Guy in Rome in 1985, Tigi Vidal Sasson and Trevor Sorbie in London Formula In Paris Make-up in Naples with Kriss Baron, Make-up and nails care. She has traveled the world and she thought to not return to live in his beautiful country; however later she decided to return, continuing this dream started in 1956 by her mother and her aunt because she understood that this is the place where the world comes! Today she is an artist that cuts, turns, creates, changes hair to the clients and she is a big "personality builder." Over time we have helped many local brides and guests of Positano to be the finest , with the satisfaction of seeing their faces happy and satisfied with our services. My best wishes go to Patrizia, is the hope that she continues this fabulous family history with her competence, elegance, professionalism and kindness.

Flavia De Luise